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      "What, dear?" In secret panic Anna came and looked out at Flora's side caressingly.

      "Hum!" playfully murmured Kincaid to Anna, "he motions as naturally as if that was what they were talking about."Varley tossed his silk handkerchief to Simon.

      "Tell her the good first and then stab her with the bad?"

      "Our old horse fell into the well


      Quick! quick! she added. Only hold him a momentthe men will return directly.


      Byssas head rested on her round arm and her long black hair flowed down in two streams, one behind her48 shoulders, the other over her neck, where it was lost in the swelling outlines of the bust, only the upper portion of which could be seen above the shaggy edge of the bodice. The troubled expression of her features had given place to a sweet repose, which harmonized perfectly with the unconstrained grace of her recumbent attitude. Her cheeks were still somewhat paler than usual, but her half-parted lips were ruddy with the freshness of youth. In her slumber she had drawn her limbs under her in a peculiarly feminine way, and from the sea of white folds formed by her garments appeared a naked foot as smooth and plump as a childs."Oh, what--what? Not lost? Not--not stolen?"


      He came, and later, in the battery camp with the Callenders, Valcours, and Victorine, the soldiers clamoring for a speech, ran them wild reminding them with what unique honor and peculiar responsibility they were the champions of their six splendid guns. In a jostling crowd, yet with a fine decorum, they brought out their standard and--not to be outdone by any Chasseurs under the sky--obliged Anna to stand beside its sergeant, Maxime, and with him hold it while the man of God invoked Heaven to bless it and bless all who should follow it afield or pray for it at home. So dazed was she that only at the "amen" did she perceive how perfectly the tables had been turned on her. For only then did she discover that Hilary Kincaid had joined the throng exactly in time to see the whole tableau.