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      He took the hint at once, and went after it, and Lady Wyndover sat down beside Esmeralda.

      The lady was fairbut genuinely, not artistically fair, like Lady Wyndoverand she was so graceful and supple that she seemed part and parcel of the horse on which she rode. And there was a kind of proud, imperial air about her which struck Esmeralda, though she did not fully grasp it.

      Yes, I did! he retorted, almost savagely. I toldwho was it I told? He put his hand to his brow. I cant remember; my brains in a whirl. But you see nowyou must see that I am innocent. My mother, she will tell you.He was gone five minutes, which seemed five years to Trafford, who could not remove his eyes from the significant entry.


      Nor this: "Heard a great, but awful, sermon on the duty of resisting Northern oppression."Yes, I think I understand, he said. It is all so new to you! I hope that the women will seem as beautiful, the men as nice, the colors as fresh, the music as delightful to you for a very, very long time!


      Would to God you had never gone there, he said.


      He gasped, and held the lamp higher.