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      Ah! I do not wonder at Trafford, she said, and ran out of the room.We shall be delighted, dear Lord Trafford, she said. And Im sure you couldnt have given this girl a greater treat. She is always wailing and moaning for what she calls the open air. She laid her hand on Esmeraldas head as she spoke, and Trafford noticed the red-gold hair contrasted with Lady Wyndovers white paw. Perhaps her ladyship intended him to notice it.

      One evening, about a week later, he was leaning against a tree beside his tent, when he saw the doctor coming from the hut. Something in his gait, in the poise of his head, sent the blood to Traffords face. He came forward eagerly, with the unspoken question in his eyes.

      Yes, I kissed her; all the world may know it, for there is no shame in it for her or me. The kiss was meant forfor some one else. He faltered. Lady Wyndover, I want Lilias to be my wife. Esmeralda knows it, and promised to help me; and in my gratitude, yes, and my love for herfor I still love her, though not as I love Lilias

      On his way through the hall he paused a moment to bend over the bowl of roses; they reminded him of Esmeralda. She was just as fresh, as sweet, as pure.




      Her beauty had by this time dawned upon him, and not only her beauty, but her girlishness. His smile grew more paternal, and he patted her hand, which he still held.Dont touch me! she panted. I could not bear that. I know it can not be helpedthat you must do this thingand I will not say a word: more, I will help you! She drew herself up, and extended her arms. Yes, I will help you! You shall have this girl and her two millions. You will save Belfayre; but, Trafford, you will be miserable! I know it! You will tire of her before you have lived with her a month. She will make you suffer agonies of wounded pride; you will be ashamed of her; you are ashamed of her now! But it must be! I knowI know! Dont touch me; dont come near me! I would rather die than let you see me cry, and I should be weak enough to cry if you said one word, laid so much as the tip of your finger upon me! Go!