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      "But, dearie! it's nothing but a serenade."Thank you, said Esmeralda, gently, as she got up and went to the bed; but she made no pretense of sleeping, and lay on her elbow, watching the woman thoughtfully.

      He looked about her feet.

      He helped them to alight, and he held Esmeraldas hand as they went up the marble steps, and across the terrace into the hall. As they entered, Lady Liliass small figure was seen coming down the stairs. She came forward, and welcomed them in her grave little fashion; but Trafford saw a flash of surprise pass across her face as she saw Esmeralda.

      Oh! my lord, my lord! he gasped, and turned back into the room wringing his hands.

      I must tell you all about our scheme for making a watering-place of the bay, my dear, he said. It had come to my dear, instead of Miss Chetwynde, already. I will come into the drawing-room for a little while, and you must tell me about that queer place, Five StarsThree Stars. How amusing it must have been! You must have enjoyed your visit there immensely. He had quite failed to grasp the fact that she had been brought up in a diggers camp.Why not? she said, pleasantly. Theres no harm in talking, surely, and I shall not say anything that I mind their hearing. Do you know how long I am to be kept here?


      The place reeled before him. He was incapable of action, almost of thought. What should he do? His first impulse, when his brain had cleared a little, was to follow Norman, and charge him with his baseness, to wreak the vengeance of an injured husband, a betrayed friend. He moved a few steps, putting out his hand toward the pedestal of a statue, to support himself, for he was trembling and scarcely able to stand, and as he moved toward the door, he heard the rustle of a dress, and looking round vaguely and dimly, saw Lady Ada. She, too, had witnessed the scene, and was as convinced of Normans and Esmeraldas guilt as was Trafford himself. It soothed her conscience, and made her task easier. Her heart was beating furiously, but she smiled and fanned herself slowly as she came forward.Fortunately, or unfortunately, at that moment Lord Selvaine himself came in, followed by Varley, and the lovers were caught.


      The two men looked at each other in silence, that silence which is more terrible than any sound can be, even the cry of anguish.Barker could have groaned aloud.


      Calling the men back, he said. Fire your revolver.