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      "No," he heard that official say to a man who appeared a plain farmer like himself; "you not only can have no pass, but you can't stay in Nashville an other day. I remember you. I've heard you tell that story of a sick son in the hospital before. I remember all the details. You haven't changed one. You're a smuggler, and I believe a spy. You've got mule-loads of quinine somewhere in hiding, and may be gun-caps and other munitions of war. If you know what's good for you, you'll take the next train north, and never stop until you are on the other side of the Ohio River. If you are in town to-morrow morning, I'll put you to work on the fortifications, and keep you there till the end of the war. Get out of my office at once."He was answered with cheers. A demoniac yell from 10,000 fierce throats rang through the woods, and the next instant thunder and flames burst from the sweeping crescent of rebel cannon, and the ground in front of the foot of the hill was hidden from view by the tide of men rushing over it.

      CHAPTER XVIII. AN ARTILLERY DUELShorty looked as if the whole world had lost its charms. "Hardtack without grease's no more taste than chips," he murmured.

      Have Come, Sir, in the Name of The People Of Indiana To Demand the Release of Those Men. 199"That wasn't true," said the woman, under her breath.

      After they had shared a tincupful of applejack that a teamster supplied them the Sergeant's heart thawed out a little.

      "Hold on! Hello! Don't do that. I'm a friend. I'm from Injianny."


      Groundhog wavered an instant. "I wuz offered on the other side."