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      Esmeralda thought her question over before replying.

      [138]When they reached home they found the duke up and awaiting them; for he rarely left his own apartments until late in the afternoon.

      Does it look as if there was anything I could possibly want that isnt here? she asked. There is everything. Is it time to go down yet? I dont feel as if I could ever leave these beautiful rooms and that view.

      Dont cry out, dont speak! she said in a whisper.

      She caught up her hat and put it on with trembling fingers and in eager haste.

      As they rode down to the door and came into the light that streamed from it, the crowd outside sent up a shout and pressed round him; but as they saw and recognized Esmeralda,[285] the shout died away for an instant, then rose with redoubled force, and her name was cried aloud. Those inside the saloon rushed to the door, Taffy and Bill giving vent to their pent-up feelings by loud yells.



      I dont know anything, she said, with a laugh. They[117] reached the summit. Those are good horses of yours, she said, again; they seem as fresh as when they started.Will you have a cigarette? asked Varley in his slow and languid way.


      Trafford frowned impatiently.


      All was confusion at Belfayre, and it was not only Trafford who was stunned by the sudden shock. All men must die, and the duke was an old man; but he had seemed so well and strong that those who had seen and talked with him on the night of the party were startled by the news of his death, which was soon flashing over the world. The telegraph-girl at Belfayre was overwhelmed by the number of messages going and coming.