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      Oh, well, Jeff turned and found his way back to the rowboat. Time will tell. I seen a flock of birds circle over my head this afternoon and that-there is a sure sign of good fortune. Ill come out cleared!

      "They are travelling rapidly, of course. We shan't overtake them."

      Tracing the smoke to the galley, Mr. Everdail was astounded to find Dick and Larry struggling with a man in pajamashe had rushed in, had seentoo latethe red flares, colored fire powder and smoke pots that burned in buckets, and had been unable to disguise the fact that he had dragged two ice trays from the refrigerator. They containedgreen ice!

      So he was near her again. She had not seen him in many months, but she had felt that he must be always,[Pg 109] as he had been through those days in the fastnesses of the Sierra Blanca, following her afar off, yet near enough to warn her, if need arose. She was too superstitious to watch him out of sight, and she turned back into the house, followed by Miss McLane, just as stable call sounded, and the white-clad soldiers tramped off to the corrals.

      He must have hit himself trying to get out, Larry surmised.

      "Sixty of Victorio's hostiles have been at the Agency, and are on their way back to New Mexico. Will probably cross your camp," the captain read aloud to the men, who crowded as near as was compatible with discipline.No ghost with any self-respect would make a show of himself for newspaper publicity! Dick chuckled.



      Presently they sailed out into a clear area and Larry sighed thankfully. He watched for a landing field beside a lake shaped like a half-moon. That would tell him he could set down on the landing spot the millionaire had built before going West.