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      "Go!" instantly rang Kincaid to Charlie, and in a sudden flutter of gauzes and clink of trappings, with wringing of soft fingers by hard ones, and in a tender clamor of bass and treble voices, away sprang every cannoneer to knapsacks and sabres in the hall, and down the outer stair into ranks and off under the stars at double-quick. Sisters of the battery, gliding out to the veranda rail, faintly saw and heard them a precious moment longer as they sped up the dusty road. Then Irby stepped quickly out, ran down the steps, mounted and galloped. A far rumble of wheels told the coming of two omnibuses chartered to bear the dancers all, with the Valcours and the detective, to their homes. Now out to the steps came Mandeville. His wife was with him and the maidens kindly went in. There the detective joined them. At a hall door Hilary was parting with Madame, Flora, Miranda. Anna was near him with Flora's arm about her in melting fondness. Now Constance rejoined the five, and now Hilary and Anna left the other four and passed slowly out to the garden stair alone.Hes young as yet miss; and you mustnt ask too much of him, if you please, he said to Esmeralda.

      Varley looked at him, but said nothing.

      Thats the first lady as ever I saw that understood the points of a horse, he said to a circle of attentive listeners. Theres a good many of em as comes round and stands at a safe distance, and says Pretty dear! and What a nice horse, Mr. Carter! but shes the first as really knows anything about em. The marquis ull have a good wife, mark my words! And she can ride, too, I bet! Ill have that bay mare ready for her to-morrow, Jamesand when Miss Chetwyndes in the saddle, theyll be as pretty a pair as there is in the county.The gray man gently explained that his younger associate was with Greenleaf as bodyguard. The music of harp and violins broke out and dancers swept round the brass gun and up and down the floors.

      I wish I dared, he said under his breath.

      Varley held up his hand, and almost instantly the din subsided.

      Norman stared, then laughed. Thats a good joke! he said.Lilias turned with a blush to welcome Trafford and NormanNorman, who was standing gazing at her with his heart in his eyesand the blush deepened as she gave him her hand, and tried to say in quite a commonplace way: How do you do, Norman? Then she started, for there was another gentleman present; a tall, thin man, with a handsome face and dark eyes; a distinguished-looking man who stood gravely waiting with a little smile on his well-cut lips.


      All weve got, Varley! exclaimed Taffy, hoarsely.


      I dont understand, said Trafford. He looked at Esmeralda, and waited. Where did you meet?


      Esmeralda looked at the bright, rosy faces, and for the first time her eyes filled; but the tears were those of happiness, and did not fall.Will you not take this thing off my head?