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      He went out as he spoke, closing the door behind him. In his excitement, he used more force than he was aware of, and it fell to with a clangor that reverberated loudly through the large, uncarpeted room, and jarred painfully upon Astra's nerves. She shivered, and her eyes fell upon the clay figure. Apparently, it was trembling with sympathetic emotion; it even bent toward her, as if suddenly endued with life; for one moment, the old fable of Pygmalion seemed coming true, in her modern experience. Then, the limbs gave way, the trunk fell forward, down went Bearer and Child together, the faces of each giving her one last, distorted look of malign meaning, ere they crushed into fragments on the platform.

      He had not long to wait for an answer. In the morning, the light which he had noticed in the rear of the drygoods store, found its sufficient explanation in an empty safe and rifled shelves. A week afterward, a tall, ill-favored man was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the robbery. Two days later, it was known that Bergan Arling had positively refused to undertake his defence. In due course of time, it leaked out, through the amazed prisoner himself, that he had done so because he believed it to be no part of his professional duty to try to shield a criminal from just punishment.

      For a two-millionaireyes, assented Varley Howard. If he had been a curate he would have had half a dozen daughters and three or four sons thrown in.

      "But why not? Are you such a bad sailorin spite of all Miss Leland says of you?"

      "Did he!" muttered Mr. Bergan, scornfully. "Hark you, Bruno, not a word of this to anybodyto anybody, mind you! Now, go back to your dance,I'll see Mr. Arling."


      "I don't quite know how to word the next," said he, at length, "you must put it into shape yourself. I hold a mortgage of the place where Catherine Lyte lives; and I want it cancelled, at my death, in her favor, or, if she does not survive me, in favor of her daughter Astra."


      It bore the legend Pinchook, Pinchook & Becham, Solicitors, 119 Greys Inn.


      'his mind became aware"Indeed," answered Doctor Remy, lifting his eyebrows. "May I ask for the formula?"